I have SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!!  I have TOO MUCH STUFF!! Both in my personal and professional life, I have way more stuff than any one person needs or can possibly manage without spending their entire existence on managing all of the stuff.  I have long suffered the American epidemic of feeling the need to procure more and more stuff and rarely have taken the time to purge the unnecessary items in my collection.  I have never taken the time to properly pre-plan a move from one residence to the next.  I have been too busy putting out one fire without having time to prevent another, so now I find myself with WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!  I do not want to be a slave to clutter in my life.  I know this will be my toughest goal to achieve and THAT is why I have it as my first goal.

It is a challenge to me to just get rid of stuff because I, like most people, worry about getting rid of the wrong stuff.  It never fails, you decide you can finally get rid of something and within days find a reason that you should have kept it!  Plus, super cheap girl over here hates the idea of spending money on something that I ALREADY spent money on.  Maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to be so darn cheap if I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and energy on buying stuff that I just didn’t need.  This is a work in progress that will definitely have to extend beyond the 37 days that I have left before my 40th birthday, but I can definitely accomplish a lot in that amount of time.

Steps for Success:

I will be working through my wardrobe, unused home items, and teaching supplies and donating them (or selling anything that actually might have value) and working toward having a designated place for everything that I own.

I will have an organization system for mail and other paperwork so that I don’t create piles of papers.

I will have a designated area for my business supplies so that I will be able to complete business tasks efficiently.

To keep myself accountable and make my progress visible (I am a visual person!) I will take photos of the items that I am able to donate/dispose of.  The idea of this thrills me but I will not lie, there are times where I have a little moment of panic thinking about letting some things go.  I just remind myself that I am more attached to the people in my life and this will free up my time to spend with them and help me feel more successful in my everyday life.



Goal: Focus on the Fundamentals

A lot has happened since I first started this blog which contributed to me going MIA for a little while.  I had a baby and suffered through one of the roughest school years of my life.  A few months ago, I changed schools and grade levels, which was an improvement, but presented a whole new set of challenges.  We celebrated our child’s first birthday and then bought a new house, which meant moving.  So between moving classrooms and inheriting a LOT of stuff and moving into our new house, I rarely know where anything is!  Being inundated with too much stuff, learning so many new routines, both at school and at work, has left me feeling like I am living my life in survival mode.  I actually haven’t felt like I have been living my life at all.  “Survival mode” eventually gives way to “avoiding catastrophe mode” and I think we could all agree that that certainly doesn’t qualify as living your best life possible.  I certainly do not want my daughter growing up watching a frantic mom run around completely scatter brained and just barely getting by and think that is the norm or what being a mom looks like.  I want to enjoy life and enjoy my life with the people that I care about the most!  So what better time than the days leading up to your 40th birthday, could it be to get things back in order?!

Over the next 38 days, I am going to focus on a few goals that may seem far too basic to have much of an impact, but in my mind will create the perfect ripple to bigger and better goals down the road.  After all, if you don’t have a solid foundation on which to build goals, you will be far less likely to achieve them.  I chose a small number of goals to create a well rounded variety, so that I can focus on the “Whole Emily” and not just one facet of my life or personality.  So here we go…

Goal 1: Simplify.  I feel VERY STRONGLY that many of our problems today are due to the over complication of things that would best be kept as simple as possible.  To simplify things for myself, I am going to focus on decluttering both my home and my classroom.  There is just too much stuff to manage and I want to free up my cognitive space to manage things that actually require brain power!

Goal 2: Schedule.  I am going to create a daily schedule to serve as a guideline for better managing time and schedule specific time for tasks that pertain to my home life, my work life, and my business life.

Goal 3: Health. My goal is to drink 120 oz. of water a day and have a consistent bedtime.

Goal 4: Attend to my mental well being. I need to schedule down time to read (for enjoyment) and exercise.

I look forward to seeing my progress over the next 38 days and can’t wait to share this experience with all of my friends!