Fundamentals for 40: Battling Back from an Overworked Mess

Forty days from today, I will be hitting the big 4-0. And while I am thankful for every day that I am given on this Earth, I have come to the realization that I am not living life to the fullest and the things that matter most to me have taken a backseat to the demands of work, motherhood, and being completely overwhelmed by the minutiae of TOO MUCH STUFF! I have been running around for God only knows how long (I would venture to say years) in a constant state of crisis management, putting out one fire after the next. My pathetic attempts of preparation, planning, and execution have failed miserably and it has left me in a sad state of affairs. So when the going gets tough, I say keep it simple and focus on the fundamentals! Over the next 40 days I will be setting my goals and rebuilding my foundation from the ground up so that when the big day comes, I will be primed and ready to make the most of 40 and be able to take a moment to enjoy this life that I have been blessed with!   via Daily Prompt: Overworked


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